Batwing Fairing

Yamaha Road Star Batwing Fairing with Speakers and Stereo System 182-0000

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See Fitment tab for exact fitment details Build Time Varies By Season, Please Reach Out To Us For Our Current Build Time   Build Your Own Vector Power S…
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See Fitment tab for exact fitment details

Build Time Varies By Season, Please Reach Out To Us For Our Current Build Time


Build Your Own Vector Power Sound Package

Create your perfect bundle: Select the fairing that fits your bike; pick the stereo and speakers that fit you.

Choose a simulated vent or smooth Vector Batwing Fairing and opt for two oval 6" x 9",two round 6 ½", or four round 5 ¼" speakers. Then decide on the head unit to power your sound package and bring it to life!*

For some riders, having quick and easy access to storage is a necessity. Vector GBE™ meets that requirement. With an open glove box and chrome-plated retention guard as the focus of this fairing package, Vector Glove Box Edition™ is completed with a set of booming speakers and a hair-raising amplifier.


Kicker generates amazing sound by combining the tweeter and woofer into one booming coaxial speaker. This two-in-one design creates an audio component loud enough to be heard above highway noise but light weight enough to maintain smooth motorcycle handling. What’s more, these 4Ω speakers are water-resistant and available in 6 ½", 4 x 5 ¼" and 6" x 9" sizes.

The 5 ¼" and 6" x 9" Punch speakers burst with a full range of sound. Utilizing their Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST), Rockford Fosgate sets a polyetherimide (PEI) dome tweeter above a mineral-filled polypropylene subwoofer cone. In this 2-way design, the subwoofer is 25% larger than those in comparable speakers. The crisp highs and solid lows that this combination generates deliver a serious punch to the gut—even without an amplifier.

No matter how great these speakers are, they make no sound without something providing input. And that’s what the Rockford Fosgate PMX-1 does. Featuring built-in Bluetooth technology, a multi-use USB port, and AM/FM radio frequencies, this receiver with a water-resistant face plate packs a lot of features into a compact design.

A 2.7" thin-film transistor (TFT) display and full-color graphical user interface (GUI) make the sleek Rockford Fosgate PMX-2 visually impressive. But the marine-grade stereo is more than just a good-looking head unit. By putting elements such as Bluetooth, Pandora® Internet Radio, AM/FM/WB channels, and a graphic equalizer at the user’s fingertips, the PMX-2 is a music lover’s dream.

Each fairing comes with one clear and one tinted windshield at no additional cost.

OEM Harley Davidson windscreens, 96-2013 Street Glide and Electra Glide models, fit this batwing fairing.

*All options are not available with every fairing.

NOTE: The Vector Batwing Fairing Does Not have a functioning vent. The words “simulated vent” and “vented-look” refer to the cosmetic design of this fairing, which makes it appear to have a vent. We do not offer a truly vented fairing.



Rockford speakers and mulitmedia head unit


Rockford Fosgate PMX-2 :  
Full-color 2.7” TFT display:  
AM/FM, Pandora Radio, Bluetooth, USB port (flash drives, etc.), and 3.5mm audio adapter:  
25 watts x 4 channels @ 4Ω peak, 50 watts x 4 channels @ 2Ω peak:  
Android and iPod/iPhone compatible:  
7-band graphic equalizer:  
MB Quart GMR-LED:  
3.5” Full-color LCD screen:  
AM/FM, Bluetooth, USB port (flash drives), and 3.5mm audio adapter:  
20 watts x 4 channels RMS, 40 watts x 4 channels peak:  
8-band graphicequalizer:  
Works with Apple® and Android®smartphones:  
Rockford Fosgate PMX-1:  
AM/FM, Bluetooth, USB port (flash drives), and 3.5mm audio adapter  :  
25 watts x 4 channels @ 4Ω peak, 50 watts x 4 channels @ 2Ω peak  :  
7-band parametric equalizer:  
MP3 ID3 Tag Display: Title/Artist/Album
KICKER PS 6.5" 4Ω Coaxial :  
Woofer  : 6 ½"
Tweeter  : .75”
Max rec amp power (watts PEAK/RMS): 120/60
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m): 92.5
KICKER PS 6x9" 4Ω Coaxial :  
Woofer  : 6"x9"
Tweeter  : 1"
Max rec amp power (watts PEAK/RMS)  : 180/90
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m)  : 87.3dB
KICKER PS 5.25" 4Ω Coaxial :  
Woofer  : 5.25"
Tweeter  : .75”
Max rec amp power (watts PEAK/RMS): 100/50
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m): 88.3
Rockford Fosgate®P1524 4Ω Coaxial (4) :  
Subwoofer    : 5.25"
Tweeter    : .75"
Max rec amp power (watts PEAK/RMS)  : 80/40
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m)  : 87dB
Rockford Fosgate®P1692 4Ω Coaxial :  
Subwoofer      : 6”x9"
Tweeter      : .75"
Max rec amp power (watts PEAK/RMS)    : 150/78
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m)   : 91dB

Customer reviews

4 Reviews Write a Reviews
  • Great Product!!

    Posted by Gary on Aug 24th 2023

    Took 15 minutes to install alone.
    Went with glovebox & Kicker speakers & Amp.
    Sounds amazing! I've got slip on exhaust so it's loud and I can't hear the exhaust when the volume is turned up.
    Was really surprised at how good it sounded and how good the fairing looked.
    I'd recommend this fairing to anyone!!
    Really quick shipping also..

  • Looks great!

    Posted by Gary S on Jul 21st 2023

    Looked at many fairings before I chose this one and have to admit I'm glad I chose a Vector fairing. Took me 15 minutes to install the fairing alone. Very nice fairing , has a great shine!

  • RoadStar Simulated Vent, 6x9 Kicker w/MBQuart

    Posted by Jesse on Aug 22nd 2021

    Approximate 500 mile 3 week review. Half helmet cruising roads with this batwing and stereo is where it's at! This thing shines, sounds great and makes my bike much more comfortable, all around. I've ridden without windshield, with windshield and now with this fairing and prefer riding with this fairing.

    Overall good attention to detail, happy with purchase. Alignment is good, fit between inner/outer fairing is good, and fairing has yet to make any noises or squeaks when riding. Product arrived well packaged and protected. Appreciate the two windshields. Finishing of product fiberglass work looks very nice, though I'd recommend a strip of trim seal on the inner fairing top to cover the trimming. Installation and fitting was easy and completed without help. While it's somewhat lightweight for what it looks like, I'm impressed with how sturdy it feels.

    I'm undecided about the on/off switch. Pictures reflect a 3 pin connector, however only 2 wires get connected to the bike on the bike side of the harness. Therefore, there's always power running into the fairing to the switch. They then tie the head unit memory (always hot) wire to the positive on the switch. I originally planned an "add a fuse" to an ignition switch fuse in the fuse block but scratched this plan when the 2 wire harness arrived and found the head unit to lose memory and clock with each ignition off. However, the harness is thick and well built, so I'm happy with the quality, but would have preferred a 3 wire. Additionally, the on/off glows red, like it puts out enough light to warrant putting electric tape over to block most light when unit is on (which I did on my unit). What's nice about having the fairing always hot is that radio can be run when bike ignition is off, though, in my situation I would rather have it tied to ignition.

    No buffeting in speeds up to 65 on my bike with provided windshield set to upper holes in mounting plate. Minor buffeting in speeds 70+ on freeway. Most air is directed to about 2 inches above top of helmet. I'm 5'11" and ride with almost proper to relaxed posture.

    My bike has V&H Longshots, lots of noise when riding. With the full face I can turn stereo up enough to hear with speeds around 60. I ride with ear plugs when on the freeway commuting to work, however, I'd imagine this stereo is loud enough to hear with quieter pipes with speeds in excess of 70mph. Honestly, this stereo gets loud enough, and when combined with the exhaust at highway speeds I'm concerned about hearing loss.

    One ride in rain has already been successful with no problems. However fairing did turn itself "on" when hand washing bike with hose water pressure (no powerwasher used). Found water dripped from windshield area and crossed between switch poles. I literally could not "switch" fairing to off until unit dried off, and ended up powering down head unit as an alternative. Essentially, the switch was useless in cutting power during this time.

    Appreciate having 12v accessory plug and USB options. I use both of these regularly for charging/powering devices.

    Recommended minor improvements: Three wire power harness to give customer the option of tying into ignition.
    Additional small amount of fairing trim to top of inner fairing by windshield. Dimmer "dummy" light on the switch to avoid red underflow at night. Sealant on backside of switch where water drips from windshield area (though the shrink tube construction is a nice touch!)

  • batwing fairing

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 3rd 2020

    Great fairing w/ stereo. Could be louder on the freeeay. The USB port is trimmed in so will not accept a plug. Had to buy a USB socket piece to power phone. No wiring diagram either.

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