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Yamaha VStar 650/1100 Classic Batwing Fairing 87-0000

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Yamaha V Star 650 and 1100 Classic Batwing Fairing The V-Star 650 and 1100 Classic feature a long, low, profile that manages to look both tough and comfortable…
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Yamaha V Star 650 and 1100 Classic Batwing Fairing

The V-Star 650 and 1100 Classic feature a long, low, profile that manages to look both tough and comfortable. If you ride one, you know that, in this case, looks are not deceiving. Adding a new Vector Batwing Fairing will enhance both the looks and comfort. Custom-designed for easy installation, Vector Batwing Fairings are constructed with hand-laid fiberglass, not el cheapo ABS plastic.

That makes a huge difference in the long run, and the long run is what Yamaha V-Stars are built for. Finished with super-tough gelcoat, your Vector Batwing Fairing will look great, even after years of channeling wind and road debris over your head and enhancing fuel economy.

The V-Star 650 and 1100 Classic are great cruisers and they deserve great accessories. A new Vector Batwing Fairing is an affordable and easy way to make your great cruiser even better.

Note: There are three fairing style options

(1) Base Price - Smooth Front Fairing

(2) Base Price + $30.00 - Simulated Vent Fairing - Accepts digital media receiver and not a traditional single DIN head unit

(3) Base Price + $40.00 - Simulated Vent Open Glove Box Fairing - No Cutouts

The Vector Batwing Fairing Does Not have a functioning vent. The words “simulated vent” and “vented-look” refer to the cosmetic design of this fairing, which makes it appear to have a vent. We do not offer a truly vented fairing.

Speaker Opening Dimensions:  
2 - 6"x9" Speaker Model: 8 1/2’’ L x 5 3/4’’ H; 3’’ Deep
4 - 5 1/4" Speaker Model: 4 5/8" Diameter; 2 1/4’’ Deep
2 - 6 1/2" Speaker Model: 5 1/8" Diameter; 3 ’’ Deep
Overall Dimensions (without windshield): 39 1/2’’ L x 111/2’’ W x 17” H
Windshield Height: 5 1/2’’ H

Customer reviews

2 Reviews Write a Reviews
  • Great Product

    Posted by Cecil Howard on Sep 19th 2018

    I purchased the fairing for my 2004 V Star 650 Custom. I was a little concerned about finding the correct mounting brackets, but I found that I was able to add spacers to the provided brackets and drill a couple of holes to make them work (with a couple new screws). It was about a $17 investment for the modifications, so pretty inexpensive. I was also really pleased to see that they included both smoked and clear windshield options. Overall, I'm super pleased with the product and would recommend to others.

  • Great Look at an affordable price

    Posted by Steve warden on Sep 16th 2015

    I bought the Fairing for my 2015 V Star 650 Custom and it fits great after modifications. There are no detailed instructions with this exception from the site indicating that you need to purchase the Clamps from Memphis Shades. At the time of purchase, the Memphis Shades Clamp model number for a 650 Classic was listed. (Website as since removed the model number). After communicating with Vector’s Custom Support, they could not guaranty that the Clamps for the 650 custom would work. I still proceeded with the purchase because I thought this was still a great deal. Not only are you receiving the Outer and Inner Fairing but you also receive 2 windshields and 2 mounting brackets. No other fairing company offers this.
    I also order the Memphis Shades Clamp set for the 650 Custom and felt confident that I could modify them to fit. The pre-drilled bracket mounting holes on the plate are 5.23” center to center however, due to the limited space on the front forks, I had to drill out another hole. Keeping the bottom hole, I measured up 4.5”, maintaining the same line of sight from the original holes. This matches the maximum distance that I could spread the Clamps on the forks.
    The web site indicates that once the brackets are mounted to the fairing, they have a 13 ¼” spread. With this in mind, I had to modify the clamps with spacer washers and replace the original screw that came with the clamps. Once I had the correct number of washers in each clamp to match the mounting brackets spanning distance, it fit very well and strong too.
    I’ve had it securely mounted on my bike for 3 weeks and absolutely love it. Since then, I’ve made a 350 mile road trip and drive 90 miles daily to work and back. The Fairing is doing great. What I difference in wind buffering. And best of all it looks awesome.
    Would I recommend this fairing?…yes I would but I strongly suggest that you have a working knowledge of fabrication, otherwise, have a professional install it.

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