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Great Audio for Your Fairing

Jun 24th 2015

A high quality, well designed  batwing fairing places the rider (that’s you) in a “bubble” of peace within a world of chaos.  A great sound system can fill that bubble with the music you love. When you are in the market for a motorcycle fairing, you’re also looking for a great audio component. That’s because the fairing provides the perfect place to mount audio equipment. Combining your favorite pastime with your favorite music can mean an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The basic batwing fairing audio installation consists of a central unit that may include everything from a simple radio, to navigation and a lot more. Add in some great speakers and you’re good to go. Sounds simple, and in some ways it is. As with many things, however, the devil is in the details and that’s what we’re here to discuss.

Now, we’re sure about which motorcycle fairing is the  best, however we are definitely not into making specific recommendations on audio components around here, so we’ll stick to some basic information that can get you started.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to get marine grade audio equipment to avoid problems with weather and extreme vibrations. There is some debate on this score among motorcyclists. Regular speakers can be a bit cheaper, but if you’re the “better to be safe than sorry” type, marine grade equipment – especially speakers – will provide some peace of mind and, in most cases, the additional cost is not substantial.

When it comes to features, your choices are almost endless. Today’s head units go far beyond AM and FM. You can opt for satellite radio, GPS, CD players, weather alert systems, Bluetooth phone connections and USB ports that can play tunes from a thumb drive or charge your phone. That’s not to mention conveniences such as a clock, temperature gauge audio equalizers and lighted controls for night riding. The list goes on.

These days, many riders find the main purpose of their fairing mounted audio system is to provide amplification for the output of their smartphone. Just about any decent unit will provide an auxiliary input for a direct link, or Bluetooth capability for wireless connection. This sets up your phone as a do-it-all device, giving you access to your own music collection, but also streaming services such as Pandora and the new Apple Music system.

One advantage of relying on your smartphone is you can opt for a relatively low cost head unit and focus your dollars on buying great speakers. Just be sure to get a high quality mount for your phone to keep it firmly in place and safe from the elements. We’ll talk about those in a later installment.

No matter which head unit you buy, investing in a cover can save money and grief. You’ll find universal units designed to be mounted as you are installing your stereo or added to an existing installation.

Great audio is one of many reasons a fairing can make riding more enjoyable. Not only do you get the perfect place to mount your favorite audio and electronic components, you get a much better environment in which to enjoy the sounds.