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Why Fiberglass Over ABS

Why Fiberglass Over ABS

Sep 8th 2015

   It’s hard, sometimes, to find reliable information on the internet. When determining the better of two products people’s opinions often overshadow facts. Debates frequently arise when the opinion of an individual differs from that of another. From sports to cooking, parenting to politics, people decide their opinion and will then argue with anyone who decided differently. This is especially true in the automotive industry. A glance at any automotive forum or review will show you how wide and diverse people’s opinions are on what is best for their ride. Below we will discuss some advantages of fiberglass over ABS plastic and, in doing so, not only convince you that fiberglass truly is the better option, but do so hopefully without ruffling anyone’s feathers.

   ABS plastic is actually the synthetic compound Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene….but we aren’t all chemists so let’s break it down to layman’s terms. ABS plastic is found in many different everyday items including clarinets, canoes, drainages systems, and LEGO™ bricks. ABS is a flexible material for manufacturing because it is lightweight and fairly strong. Due to its ability to be injection molded it can be made into a wide variety of products of very high quality. Depending on the manufacturing process ABS can be made stronger or more resistant to heat. One downside to ABS, however, is that once damaged, it is mostly irreparable. Also, the manufacturing process that adds strength makes the plastic more vulnerable to heat. Alternatively, making the plastic to be more resistant to heat reduces its strength.

   Fiberglass, in the application of motorcycles, is actually glass-reinforced plastic. It is created from sheets of woven glass fibers (What?!? I know, crazy) laid over a mold, a resin polymer is applied, and the product is cured. The result is a product that is lightweight and heat resistant. Not only that, but the glass fibers make the product much stronger than ABS. In the automotive realm, having parts that are extremely durable and lightweight aren’t a luxury, they are a necessity. And though durability is great for keeping your bike from being damaged, accidents do happen and bikes do get laid down. The one area where fiberglass undeniably outclasses any ABS product for sale is that it can be repaired. This allows you to get the fairing or saddlebags you want and keep it for the life of the bike. Typically fiberglass products cost more but often you get what you pay for.

   When making any sort of purchase you want to be sure what you buy is the highest possible quality and will last. Both ABS and fiberglass have their strengths. Reviews and debates abound as to which is better. Here at Vector Batwing Fairing we believe fiberglass to be the better choice.