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'18 to Present Harley Heritage & Softail Batwing Fairing 178-0000

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We also offer a fairing for 2017 and below models. See our other ads   Let’s face it, you wouldn’t ride a softail if comfort was not importan…
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We also offer a fairing for 2017 and below models. See our other ads


Let’s face it, you wouldn’t ride a softail if comfort was not important to you. Whether it’s a Standard, Custom, Springer or whatever, you chose your softail for comfort over the long haul. A new Vector Batwing Fairing can take that comfort to the next level and beyond. Forget the cold, cold wind. Make road debris a distant memory. And have your electronic components at your fingers with one easy-to-install accessory – a Vector Batwing Fairing.

As a Harley rider, you clearly don’t settle for second best. You go for the best materials, superior design and premier fit and finish. So do we. Hand laid fiberglass construction, instead of stamped out ABS plastic. Smooth and tough gelcoat finish instead of cheap primer. Customized design for a great fit that’s easy to install.

Take your riding comfort to the max and enjoy the road even more. Get your hands on (or rather behind) a Vector Batwing Fairing.

Detachable —yes, but you may never want to take them off.


If your motorcycle does not have the OEM windshield mounts as shown in the below photo, then there are numerous aftermarket options for Harley OEM windshield grommets.

Note: There are three fairing style options

(1) Base Price - Smooth Front Fairing

(2) Base Price + $30.00 - Simulated Vent Fairing - Accepts digital media receiver and not a traditional single DIN head unit

(3) Base Price + $40.00 - Simulated Vent Open Glove Box Fairing - No Cutouts

NOTE: The Vector Batwing Fairing Does Not have a functioning vent. The words “simulated vent” and “vented-look” refer to the cosmetic design of this fairing, which makes it appear to have a vent. We do not offer a truly vented fairing.

Speaker Opening Dimensions::  
2 - 6"x9" Speaker Model:: 8 1/2’’ L x 5 3/4’’ H; 3’’ Deep
4 - 5 1/4" Speaker Model:: 4 5/8" Diameter; 2 1/4’’ Deep
2 - 6 1/2" Speaker Model:: 5 1/8" Diameter; 3 ’’ Deep
Overall Dimensions (without windshield):: 39 1/2’’ L x 111/2’’ W x 17” H
Windshield Height:: 5 1/2’’ H

Customer reviews

2 Reviews Write a Reviews
  • 2018 Heritage, looks ok

    Posted by Hawkeye on Sep 9th 2023

    Surprised how lite it was. Lighter than my stock windshield with single storage bag attached. Paint is dull in spots, mostly at outter flair near end wings. Adjusted mounting brackets with the spacers needed on the fairing instead of on bike per instructions so I can still use stock windshield. After some twerking, is easy to put on and take off. All in all, glad I made this purchase. Definitely recommend it.

  • 2022 heritage, works pretty good

    Posted by Wolf on Mar 3rd 2022

    It works & looks good on my bike.
    I would recommend putting the brackets on the inner fairing & fitting it on the bike before putting the outer shell on. In order to be able to switch back to my stock windshield any time I want I had to put spacers between the bracket & the fairing. Not on my bike. Used longer bolts on the 2 upper bolt holes with a about 7-8 washers in between the bracket & she'll of the fairing on the top. Was able to use the bolts that came with it & about 5-6 washers on the 2 bottom holes of the bracket.

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